Florian Winterstein

Chief Strategy Officer
Florian is responsible for corporate strategy and planning dedicated to developing sustainable value and growth for BravoSolution and its customers worldwide. In addition, Florian also leads BravoSolution GmbH with responsibility for the German, Swiss and Austrian markets. He has over 15 years’ experience in general management with P&L responsibility and procurement strategy. Prior to joining BravoSolution, Florian held several senior management and shareholder positions with various services and software companies such as Xcitec (now IBM). He is a graduate of the International Management Institute Hernstein and the Munich University of Applied Science with a M.S. degree in Business Administration.

12:25 PM Panel: Procurement In the Age of Disruption --- Mastering Context

The word “disruption” has become quite popular in the Procurement Industry…and for good reason. New technologies have transformed the way our entire industry operates. Technology is no longer a barrier to innovation. Millennials demand value. Transactional processes will be automated and touchless. When it happens, will your team be ready? During this panel discussion, attendees will discuss and debate the future of procurement and learn how procurement can get ready for a looming technology shift.
  • Discuss the impact of a digital disruption on procurement and global supply chains
  • Hear how cognitive procurement is becoming a reality for many organizations
  • Highlight the changing nature of supplier relationships in a digital world
  • Hear how RPA combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tools are bringing procurement digitization to new heights
  • Discuss the new set of skills required to take on these new capabilities

5:00 PM Technology's Changing Role to Drive Procurement Value Creation

Advancements in procurement technology are quickly evolving and revolutionizing the way procurement can create value for the business. During this presentation, you will learn how technology is reshaping procurement’s role and how your organization can benefit from adopting technologies to help you move beyond cost-cutting to value creation.
  • Harness process efficiency and effectiveness for next level of value creation
  • Leverage digital techniques like:  Artificial Intelligence/Cognitive Intelligence, Predictive, Machine Learning, Big Data Mining, Automation, User Guidance
  • Create strategic operating frameworks for an improved business partner role
  • Apply strategies on suppliers and categories in a digital context for alternative value creation beyond cost savings

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